S   O   U   T   H       H   I   L   L   S       A   R   E   A       C   O   U   N   C   I   L       O   F       G   O   V   E   R   N   M   E   N   T   S
S   H   A   C   O   G
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Welcome to the SHACOG Purchasing Alliance Web Site for Vendors! 
The Purchasing Alliance web site allows registered Vendors to view and print SHACOG issued Bid Documents and Bid Tabulations.

Only authorized personnel of registered Vendors will have access to their respective and secure web pages and will not be able to view or modify records of other vendors.

If you are not a registered Vendor and wish to become one, if you have misplaced your username and password or if your account has expired, please contact Susan Dawson at 412.429.1130.
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Stanley Louis Gorski, Executive Director
Susan S. Dawson, Administrative Assistant
Marc A. Grivna, Vactor Operator
2600 Old Greentree RoadŸŸŸ Ÿ Carnegie, PA 15106-3732
Phone: 412-429-1130 ŸŸŸŸ Fax: 412-429-3830
Email: sue.dawson@shacog.com
Dodaro, Matta, & Cambest, P. C., Solicitor
Mark C. Turnley, CPA, Auditor